Sept. 11, 2021

This is the registration site for Magify!, the Hymn Writers Conference and Singing. Magnify! is a song writers conference and singing that is being organized by the Decatur Church of Christ in Decatur, AL.

Though the church has a history of men and women who contributed to our corporate worship with songs of praise, instruction and encouragement, in recent years there seems to have been a decline in that area. Many of the "new" songs we are singing are produced by professional, denominational, singers and songwriters and were not written with congregational worship in mind and, sometimes, it would seem that they are not overly concerned with the message conveyed in the song.

We believe that God is still placing songs in the hearts of true believers. And, in these times in which we live, it can be easier than ever before to create songs and to share them with our brethren throughout the church of Christ. With that in mind, we are putting together a conference to encourage and equip those whom God has blessed with talents - which may be lying untapped - to produce worthy and wonderful songs of praise and teaching, and to give them the opportunity to use those talents for the kingdom of God.

WHEN: Saturday, September, 11, 2021

WHERE: Decatur Church of Christ, 2833 Danville Road SW, Decatur, AL 35603

The goal of the event is to ...

Magnify God: by creating songs that bring glory and honor to His name.

Magnify Ministry: by encouraging and equipping God's people for a much over-looked area of ministry.

Magnify Ability: by facilitating interaction between individual writers and composers/arrangers.

Magnify Range: by helping those involved in the ministry of song and hymn writing to get their songs to as many churches and brethren as possible.

We are excited to have some very knowledgeable brothers in Christ who are planning to attend and share helpful and encouraging thoughts with us.

Andy Robison, director and faculty member at the West Virginia School of Preaching, is known by many for his efforts with Church of Christ Songs ( Andy knows music and has a great way of using that to God’s glory.

Mike Owens, one of the elders for the Hatton Church of Christ, has written seven number one country gospel hymns. He was awarded Songwriter of the Year by the International Country Gospel Music Association in 2020. But his real joy is in writing songs to share with his brethren.

Manly Thweatt, a shepherd from the Veteran’s Parkway church of Christ in Murfreesboro, TN, has had multiple songs selected to be recorded by the vocal ensemble known as Concordia Sacrae under the direction of Christopher Scott Wyatt.

Tentative Schedule for Saturday, September 11th

This is a general overview. The actual schedule, on the day of the event, may vary.

8:30-9:00 Arrival (and Registration for those who did not pre-register)

Welcome and Introduction

  • "A Brief History of Song Writer’s in the Lord’s Church and the Importance Thereof."
9:30-10:15 Encourage:
  • Andy Robison (featured speaker: "Singability")
  • Where Do Songs Come From?
  • Who Can Write Songs?
  • Song and Hymn Writing as a Ministry
  • Question and Answer Session
10:25-11:10 Equip:
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Technology to the Rescue
  • Composers, Lyricists and Cooperation
  • Questions and Answer Session
11:20-12:05 Exhort:
  • Manly Thweatt (featured speaker: “Pitfalls & Perseverance”)
  • Pride and Prejudice
  • Barriers and Techniques to Overcome Them
  • Question and Answer Session
12:20-1:20 LUNCH
1:30-2:30(or beyond) Enjoy:
  • Singing

If you haven't registered yet, PLEASE do!


There are several levsls of participation. The following is an explanation of what we mean ...

As you register, please choose the levels of participation at which you would like to be involved.

ep>We hope you will plan to participate. Use the form below to register. Be sure to choose the level of participation that is right for you.

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